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Recent Adoptions

Buffy's Dreams Come True!

Ditto That!

Grab a little "Dash" of this!

Georgia On Our Minds! Two Dal sisters
find a new life in sunny Tampa!

Our Oldest Dal Rescued Yet!

If they tell you you can't keep a dog--
MOVE! Pat did!!!

Mama Dog is now a "Lady"!

Here a Dot ... There a Dot ...

Our Very First Foster "Double Flunkie!" Meet Dozer!

And they're off! Jesse hits the road with his new best friend!

Deafness does not Stop Conner from Finding Love!

Romeo Loves Shirley. Sorry Juliet!

Unlucky? Not 8-year-old Sasha!

Happy Birthday, Mike! Love, Bella

Spud becomes the first Official Adoption of 2004!

Another Foster Home Flunkie!



Welcome Home Diamond!

Santa is Good to Nemo!

Two more Dalmatians find Their Way Home

Alex, Home for the Holidays!

I'll be Home for Christmas!

Home at Last!

Louie Celebrates Big Time!

A New Name (Freckles)
and a NEW HOME!

Leah has Begun her new Life! Sweet as a Flower.

Patch Finds a New Home.

Stache ... A Two Year old Sweetheart.

Little Chief Finds his Big Chief...

And You Thought I Disappeared!

Gabby goes Home.

Do you believe in Angels?

Two Extra-special Angels.

There is Nothing Sweeter than Honey.

Sammy has a Home.

The story of Smokey.