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Here are a few quick facts for you about the Dalmatian breed.
After reviewing them, you may read our Adoption Application by
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Is a Dalmatian the right dog for you?

All too often people get a Dalmatian without knowing enough about the breed.
There are more than 400 breeds of dogs and no one breed is right for every person.
The Dalmatian is a wonderful dog, but before deciding to adopt one,
first consider the following facts:

DALS are a good family dog, BUT can sometimes be too lively for young children.

DALS are intelligent and quick to learn, BUT stubborn; they need a firm but gentle hand, and obedience training. They are not for people who don't set limits.

DALS are people oriented and excellent indoor & outdoor companions, BUT they are not a yard dog and need lots of people contact.

DALS love to go, go, go. They like jogging and biking, BUT need owner involvement.

DALS are natural watchdogs; polite when properly introduced, BUT could be aloof with strangers as with any breed.

DALS are generally healthy, BUT can suffer from genetic deafness, uric stones, skin problems, and they do not like cold weather for long periods of time.

DALS are loved by owners who like active, challenging dogs, BUT not liked by owners who want quiet, settled dogs.

DALS shed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, BUT a daily brushing tends to help.