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Axel & Sid!


Spots with Class!

Axel came to us from Alachua County. Being tied to a chain for many years, he had severe mange and was covered in fleas. His teeth were rotted due to neglect. After three months of intensive treatment, we finally got his coat looking beautiful. His teeth, though not pretty, do not interfere with his eating and are closely monitored. Due to living a life with little human contact, we decided that Axel would be better suited to remain at our care-for-life facility. He was very thin when they found him and can be somewhat food aggressive. Axel is about 11 years old.

His best friend at the sanctuary is Sid, a 12 year old liver spotted Dal/Pitt mix. His owner was forced to turn him into a shelter because he himself lost his home. After getting several not-so-nice potential adopters wanting to take Sid, we decided he would be safer with us because of what can happen to Pitts.

The two boys love to chase each other around at full speed. When exhausted, they choose to sit on the hot tub and look to see what's cooking in the kitchen!