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Dead End Turns into New Life

Thanks to teamwork between Dalmatian lover, Carolyn and DRTB, and a little bit of Dal magic, beautiful Bingo now has a new family. Bingo was one of two Dals turned into an island animal shelter.

We know the new family must have been meant to be due to the way Carolyn came about finding them.

After two months of running ads in big city papers brought no calls, Carolyn decided to take Bingo to a Dalmatian reunion picnic in Seattle. On the way home she got lost. A road that was supposed to go on, dead ended. But it dead ended right at a fire station! The station, officially closed, was now being used as a real estate office. Carolyn went in to ask directions and "Oh, by the way I'm looking for a home for this handsome Dalmatian if you know of anyone". The owners took one look at Bingo and fell in love.

He now lives with them in a 4,500 square foot home on 8 pastoral acres. He goes to Petsmart all the time for new and wonderful things. He sits with Larry every morning in their porch swing while Larry has his coffee....probably thinking about how very good life is!