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Never Stop Talking the Talk

Sometimes even I get tired of listening to myself constantly telling people to DON'T BREED OR BUY....ADOPT and the story about all the homeless wonderfuls animals out there. But sometimes my constant yakking leads to good things. This is a story about one of them!

Whenever we have work done on our house, I always make sure to tell them about why we have so many dogs. A recent worker saw Andy, the 9 year old blind Redbone Hound that we pulled in Pinellas trying to help make room for the Hurricane Katrina dogs. Although she wasn't up to the challenge of a blind dog, she did fall in love with Andy. I happened to know there was a 3 year old Redbone Hound named Caliphe at the animal shelter on a neighboring island that had been waiting over a month for a new home and kept getting passed by. This nice woman had just lost her dog 2 months ago and her ears perked up immediately upon learning about him. Sure enough, her and her husband went to see Caliphe, fell in love, and now he has a home with 11 acres to happily smell on Orcas Island.

Moral of the story....never stop talking and telling the story. You might just be able to save one more life!