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Mr. Cloud!


Our Big Brave Shepherd - NOT!

The shelters know we are softies for real hardship cases. So when they begged us to take this big "Clifford=like" dog because shepherd rescue wouldn't (saying the white ones are too skittish), how could we say no? They named him Cloud which fits him perfectly. He was skin and bones at 74 lbs., high heartworm positive and literally shaking from fear.

Even after fattening him up to a beautiful 105 pounds and treating his heartworms, Cloud still has too many "issues" to be adoptable. He was so terrified of storms, he would chew his way through anything to hide. His fear is SO bad he had to have 30 stitches after he tried jumping a gate during a bad storm when we weren't home. And he is afraid of his own shadow and doesn't warm up to people very quickly. But he loves us and his pals Mikey, Andyman and Pebbles. He is now approximately 12 years old and still doing great for a large breed dog.