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The "Drop Box" Dalmatian!

Crystal is our very precious Dal that we affectionately call our "drop box" baby. She was left outside a rural area shelter in the middle of the night in a cage they keep for drop-offs when they are closed. No note, no explanation as to why, nothing. Just a sad, skinny, small spot with one very bright blue eye and one brown. Both that can melt your heart in an instant.

About a year ago, after a call to DRTB, a volunteer offered to go and investigate Crystal. One look at the poor thing was all it took. Crystal was saved! Crystal has a spinal problem that causes her to walk with some effort, but not bad enough to cause her alot of pain. (We do not believe any dog should suffer unnecessarily.) The volunteer decided to keep her but after several months had to send her back to DRTB after running into some personal problems. We were happy to oblige.

Crystal gets along well with everyone....she give gentle kisses if you hold her head and tell her you love her. She always perks up at feeding time and is second in line for cookie time.

Just recently, it appears that Crystal has suffered a mild stoke. She has developed a tic of her head and is having difficulty walking without her body twisting. We know the time is coming awfully near to saying good-bye to her, but we will continue to treasure her for every remaining day that she has left.