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Another Good Looking Spot Finds Love

In a recent photo, Cyrus stands guard as New Dad signs adoption papers for him. Now he writes a letter to his temporary Dad to let him know how he's getting along!

Hello Papa Lee,

Things are good in South County. I've spent my days resting in the sun in the grass or in the sun porch, lying by Mom and Dad's feet as they read or watch football or work on the computer, or snuggled up to Mom when it's bed time. You sure took good care of me but this is The Ritz! They give me lots of lovin' and treats. Unfortunately, our plans for a long walk today was aborted due to the rain but we have strolled around the back yard checking out the plants together. They left me New Year's Eve and I patiently guarded my new home and greeted them eagerly when they got home very late. They took pictures of me to share with their friends and everyone toasted me, the new kid on the block!!! The only thing that wasn't so cool was the bath but I slept on the floor until that happened so it was worth it. Thanks again for taking care of me and loving me and driving me to South County. Happy New Year! Say "hi" to everyone for me. Mom and Dad are really happy to have me around and I'm having a good time.

Paws & Licks - Cyrus