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Sick Depp Struggles for Life!

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From a cold, dirty cell to a cushy, clean bed. This little guy probably thinks he has died and gone to heaven. This sweet 4-year old spotted deaf boy with high heartworms now is going to have another chance at a life. He's already had a pretty rotten go of we're hoping with your help we can make the remainder a lot better. Depp, as he is being called, is going to have to go through treatment for a pretty bad case of heartworms. As most of you are aware, our adoption fee of $200 barely covers the costs for a healthy Dal much less one that needs $350 worth of treatment.

To help Depp, we're going to be starting our DRTB Auctions up again. Please remember this beautiful little face when bidding and bid generously. Thanks to Dale and Anthony for fostering Depp through the process.

Vet Report for Depp Update 3/5/2007
Today little Depp was diagnosed with an extremely high level of heartworms. It is obvious his owners never gave him even one heartworm pill. The love and care he is getting now, even though he is extremely sick, is probably better than he has ever had in his 4 years. Dr. Hong said he wagged his tail when he was doing the heartworm check. He thought he was a nice dog and a shame that his owners didn't care for him properly. So Thursday begins his first shot. Please keep Depp in your thoughts as he goes through the next two months. It will be touch and go but we're hoping for mostly go. And a big thank you to Lauren E. from Maine for contributing to his treatment. And to all those bidding on our auction item.

Update 4/1/2007
Foster Dad Dale panicked when he heard Deep coughing continuously and found blood all over his crate. Being in the middle of heartworm treatment, he knew this was a really bad sign. Depp was rushed to the emergency room where he was put on an oxygen tank, IV fluids and steriods overnight. It was touch and go as to whether he would make it. The next morning he was taken to our vet for more IV fluids, antibiotics and constant observation. Still hanging on, but not out of the dark, it was back to the emergency room for another night. Upon being released and back to our vet for one last check, he is now back home but still walking a fine line. He weighs only 37 pounds, down 10 from his original thin weight. All because his owner neglected to give him heartworm treatment. But Depp is a strong little fighter. The one thing everyone who has cared for him notices - he always wags his little tail. Please send healing wishes Depps way. And if you'd like to contribute to his medical bills, please make a donation for Depp.