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Another day, another Dal in Need!

For the second time this week, DRTB has agreed to take another heartworm positive Dal before he was euthanized. Sometimes it seems as though the flow of homeless Dalmatians is endless, and in many ways, it is, for there are always more dogs than homes. Sadly, as long as breeders continue to market pups to unsuitable owners, the problem is not going to go away.

This is where DRTB comes in. Dalmatian "RESCUE" of Tampa Bay. Rescue is what we do. As many Dals as we can possibly save. For if we didn't live up to our name, these unwanted, often abused animals, would die. Not living up to our name means we have failed.

We refuse to fail.

Disney, pictured above, is one of two Dalmatians rescued this week. He (as is the beautiful female we took) is young, good natured and beautifully spotted. We could not allow him to be put to death. The heartworms he has are treatable, but the treatments are expensive. And even with our wonderful Dr. Tom Hong, who treats DRTB as kindly as he can, the fact remains, the treatments are still expensive. So we ask that, if you can contriubute even a small amount, please do so knowing that you helped save a life. Remember, your contributions are tax deductable, so please, give freely. If you're not in a position to help Disney finacially at this time, we understand. Just by reading this webpage you are participating in his rescue ... and we remind you there are many other ways to contribute, such as by cutting weight circles off of Purina One dog-food bags. DRTB submits these weight circles to Purina, and they in turn offer "vet checks" which help us immensely on our vet bills. So whether it is with a monetary gift, or weight circles, we thank you. And Disney thanks you too!