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Just Look at Me Now!

Mama Dog, now named Lady, has gone off happily to live with her very own new family! (She had been found abandoned in a field with several newborn puppies)

Mama Dog successfully completed her heartworm treatment. (Please remember, that without your ongoing donations, we wouldn't be able to help dogs like her. These poor heartworm positive dogs are considered unadoptable by shelters because they lack the space and time it takes to complete treatment. The treatment is also costly, approximately $200 per dog, even with generous help from our wonderful veterinarian.)

Lady also is sporting her very own pair of Doggles to protect what were found to be light sensitive eyes. The specialist that examined her said this could be caused by premature aging or from a previous infection that was left untreated. Doggles was very generous in donating a pair to help Lady see better. We think she looks just fabulous in them.

Many thanks to her new family for giving a 7 year old "lady" a new lease on life!