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When Dals are dumped at shelters, they try to approximate their age. Such was the case of Emily who was found left in the outside "overnight" drop off box at an Orange County shelter. We were told she was 8 but turned out she was more like 11. That was two years ago. We tried unsuccessfully for over a year to find her a home. But like so many older dogs, no one wanted her.

Thankfully Sherry M., her foster Mom, has not given up on her. Emily has constant skin problems and needs lots of vet visits and care. Despite all of it, she has a tremendous little spirit and just like the Energizer Bunny, she "keeps on ticking"!. She appears to enjoy life and loves to bark at all incoming guests through the window at Sherry's home.

Emily has a kind sponsor.....all the way in Iraq. A Dal lover, she generously sends money each month to help defray Emily's expenses and also donated the Kuranda bed Emily sleeps on. With her last donation, Sherry was even able to buy Emily a brand new blanket to extra pad her old bones!