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Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

Our Mission Statement:

We save as many Dalmatians as possible from Florida shelters that are scheduled to be euthanized due to lack of room or health issues. If we have room, we help Dals in out-of-state shelters. We assist area shelters in placing Dalmatians through ongoing ads in local papers. We screen prospective owners thoroughly with home and veterinary reference checks. At our care-for-life sanctuary and in foster homes, we house up to 20 Dalmatians that cannot find homes due to age or illness. We provide on-going support and education to all adopters. We spay or neuter all the Dalmatians we place and give them all the medical treatment they need before placement.

You can help...

Since 2002, we have successfully rehabilitated and placed in loving, forever homes, over 60 dogs each year. We are on track for placing just as many this year, dogs like Smokey pictured above (click on his photo for his story), but we need your help.
We need your donations to continue our rescue efforts and increase the number of dogs we help.
Adopting one of these beautiful dogs is the best way to help us obtain our goal, but you can help in many other caring ways too. We've listed some of those below.

Our Ongoing Wish List:

***Purina/ProPlan Weight Circles***

Those little Weight Circles on all Purina and/or ProPlan brand dog food bags help us receive discounts on much needed food and vet checks. To locate the Weight Circle, hold the bag facing towards you. Look on the right side of the bag, near the top.

Please mail the Weight Circles to:
Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay
P.O. Box 341951
Tampa, FL 33694-1951


Our Care-for-life dogs always need blankets to make them comfortable.

***Toys & Treats***
Dalmatians are always pups at heart, no matter how old they get. They love toys of all kinds. A favorite toy or treat will keep them happy for hours!

***Can you Spare the Time?***
We always need volunteers for our on-going events and our annual picnic.

Let's face facts. Money is always needed and greatly appreciated. Your donation, large or small, is the only thing that keeps Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay able to continue to rescue and care for Dalmatians in need. DRTB is an all-volunteer organization. Every dollar donated goes directly to the animals.

***There is no Place like Home***
If you can't provide a permanent home for a Dalmatian, perhaps you are able to a foster until a permanent home becomes available? There is such great joy in knowing you directly helped an animal from a shelter go on to a wonderful new home!