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New Lives in the Making!

Rescued and on the Road to a Happy New Beginning!

Less than two weeks ago, the four sibblings were on death row. But thanks once again to a tireless group of dedicated Dal lovers, Chole, Mabel, Maxwell and Collin are now on their way to finding happiness.

Lee S. drove for hours to pick up the family of four abandoned Dals in Putnam County. After loading them all up, he drove even more to bring them to our wonderful vet, Dr. Hong at Northdale Animal Hospital in Tampa. All dogs were given a thorough exam with good news/bad news results. The bad news is that all four are heartworm positive. The good news is that three are only a Class I and one is a Class II. They were vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped.

We had the boys (shown in photo) neutered immediately to help make them better pets as they begin life in their foster home with Mom Tara and Dad Doug. (THanks to Chris for playing doggie chauffer yet again!) Looks like it's going to be a very short stay. We have already found a loving family willing to adopt both brothers so they can remain together for life! (Thanks to Frank N. and Sherry for doing background checks on the new family)

Next update: The boys in their new home. Girls start their medical treatments.