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Lean On Me!

Remember the song that goes, "Lean on me, when you're not strong, I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on...."? It was ironic this was the song playing on the radio as I drove back to the Rescue Ranch with "General" in tow.

General and Jake (pictured below, who we picked up a day later) are the unfortunate victims of a tragic personal story. Normally we don't take owner turn-ins so that we have room when a shelter calls with a Dal they are going to euthanize. But this story was so heartbreaking, we compromised our rules. To respect the owners privacy, we will spare the details but will say that these two Dals were once spoiled house dogs and aided the handicapped and hospis residents until recently when there was not enough money to feed them or treat them for fleas and heartworms.

General, 8 years old and deaf in one ear, was so eaten up by fleas that his skin is bloodied and raw. There is very little left of his coat. Luckily, we got to them before the lack of food showed its effects. General has now been treated and is in a long-term foster care home.

Jake, 4 years old, faired a little better although still covered in fleas. He will be thoroughly checked out and neutered before we place him in a new home. Applications are being taken if anyone is interested.

Both are extremely wonderful dogs who just needed a friend.