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All Good Things Take Time...

After a false start, 1.5 year old Dal mix Dozer has now found his Lady Love for a doggie Mom.

Super Foster Dad, Lee S., plucked Dozer out of Citrus County Animal Services when we learned his time was up for a chance at adoption there. He was neutered, given all shots, micro-chipped and deemed ready for adoption by DRTB.

Since Dozer is a typical rambunctious, very young puppy-like Dal mix, he needed a home with someone willing to put some training time into him. Like teaching him not to jump for joy on everyone he comes in contact with. His first home decided after 24 hours, the task was too much. But his second home is the charm.

A wonderful woman called who had just lost her 14 year old Dal to cancer and wanted to give another dog a chance at a happy home. After meeting Dozer and then thinking it over for a couple of days, she decided that she could give him the life he needed. As you can see, Dozer is now pretty darn happy although apparently hasn't learned the "stay off the couch" command. (actually, we think she isn't teaching him that one since he sleeps in bed with her too!)

Thank you Lee and Linda for saving Dozer.