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From Horror to Happiness!

On the evening of July 10th, a very horrible man beat his little dog in the head with a hammer. He stuck him so hard that the dog suffered a broken bone in his skull. In addition, he had a large punture wound in his head where the hammer went through. Police were called by neighbors and the dog was taken to Animal Emergency of Pasco. After immediate critical care, he was transferred to Pasco Animal Services. (A state animal cruelty case is being persued against this rotten person and we are hoping he will be charged to the maximum extent allowed by law.)

The bad news continued for the little dog as they would be able to place him for adoption because he was heartworm positive. Pasco called on the Humane Society of Pinellas to please help this little boy and I agreed to transport along with our DRTB volunteer, Ron Bailey. The staff at Pasco had affectionately named this little boy Max Hammerhead.

At the HS of Pinellas, after his head wounds were healed, Max was treated for heartworms and then put up for adoption. Not being able to get this little dog out of my mind since seeing him, I was determined to adopt him if no one else would. Then came Hurricane Charley and the Humane Society was flooded with animals. We stepped in to take Max to make room for others. All that remains of Max's bad days now is a one inch scar on his head.

Max respresents the spirit we love all animals for.....their ability to forgive and continue to trust even when they have been betrayed. He is the happiest little boy and just wants to please and be someone's companion.

The best news is that we have now found a home for Max. He and I will be flying out to Austin, Texas to his new home with my good friend of 25 years. I know there that he will never be hurt again. We will update his progress soon.