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Traveling Down the Highway...

First, a call from Clarksville, Tennessee from a nice couple who just lost their 8 1/2 year old female Dal but wanted another friend for their now lonely 10 year old male Dal. Next, a call from Polk County Animal Services - a 6 year old super sweet stray with no time left but in good health and just pleading for someone to take her. With no time to spare, emails, phone calls and photos started flying their way from Tampa to Tennessee. After doing a vet check on the new owners and getting a definite "we'll take her!" from them, more emails and phone calls were made to garner support from fellow dog lovers to help save this stray spot.

Finally, all the links were made, and it appeared success would be the word for the day! Then came the big event, Saturday, and it was time for the volunteers' to get to work, and work they did! Special thanks go out to the following: Anne & Andy, Renee, and Mike White for offering to help transport and to Lorraine & Lee for donating gas money.

Anne and Andy, with the Dal Gal on board, headed North. At the same time, the new mom and pop to be, Marsha and Len, headed south from Tennessee. After a couple of roadtrip snags, the group finally met up in Georgia as planned.

In Andy's words: "Sue, you would have been thrilled to see all the loving that was going on! Marsha took to the Dal right away. When Anne cautioned her that if, for any reason, she wouldn't or couldn't fit in, they should call you, Marsha said emphatically "Oh no! We're keeping this dog, she's not going to anybody else! She's MY dog!" Then Marsha gave her new pup a huge bear hug (and the dal gave her a kiss back). It appeared to be a match for sure. Twice, the dal got back into our van, but after Marsha presented her with a brand new rope tuggy (which the Dal playfully tried to grab) she hopped into their van and made herself comfortable in the back seat area. It was obvious that she wasn't coming back out, she was very happy with Marsha and her new digs. It was also clear her new owners planned on spoiling her with plenty of love and 'stuff'. Man, you should have seen all the 'stuff' they had brought! Once the Dal had moved in and the paper work was concluded, all the attention turned to getting her comfortable for the continuing trip North. Len fixed up a bowl of water, while Marsha worked on making her a travel meal. We said our good-byes and headed back South."

After 898 miles, Anne and Andy made it back home just after 11PM Saturday night, the events of the day reminding all of us that DRTB volunteers are the best in the world. Again, thanks to all who helped fill those gas tanks with fuel and a whole lot of HEART!!! And in case you're wondering what name Marsha and Len chose for their new Dal Gal? Appropriately fitting, they'll call her, "Destiny".