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And now the next great adventure...
Pepper, AKA "Hope" goes to her forever home!

After months of monitoring Pepper/Hope to make sure that she was well enough to be adopted, she now has been placed in one of the best homes a Dal (or any dog for that matter) could ever hope for!

She even has two rescued canine brothers to keep her company. The first couple of days she was in her new home, her brothers pushed her around a little taking her toys and chasing her. We're happy to report that she has recently shown them that she is now the boss and will have no more of that nonsense.

Pepper's new owner says she feels honored to provide a home for the little dog once at death's door from severe starvation. We are tickled pink that the remainder of Pepper's life will be filled with the happiness and love she so deserves. She will never go hungry again.

If you would like to take a journey back in time, to a warm day in October 2003, the day Hope's life took a dramatic turn for the better, please do so by clicking here.