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Hurricane Frances:

Susan Reports: Weathering the Storm

Finally.....power, water and phone again after a long, hot, humid and very trying week here at the Spotted Dog Rescue Ranch.

We first off want to say that we pray for the people and animals who are much worse off than us....ones who lost their homes and animals who are being dumped daily with no place to go.

Second, we want to thank all of you for thinking of us during these trying times of hurricane after hurricane and apologize for not being able to respond to emails or phone calls.

Extra special thanks to Pati Dane of Dalmatian Rescue in Miami that has been so kind to help our Tampa Dals even though she has more than a handful herself.

We also thank those of you who have contributed to help us offset the costs of the generator and the emergency RV. The generator looks like a huge blue cookie monster and eats costly diesel fuel regularly to keep going. We also had to get an emergency RV that we stacked our very old Dals in to survive the heat before we knew a generator was on its way. We have a couple on their last legs and could not stand to see them suffer.

An extra big hug to Wayne Dokken and his son Kurt who let us use their generator and are continuing to let us use it in the event Ivan comes though here and knocks us out again. Puppy Mooches to Jerry Wright, who was responsible for installing the kennel AC and wiring the generator to the main power supply. Hugs always to Andy and Ann (operators of ANDRE'S AUTO & TRUCK SERVICES, INC. in Oldsmar 813-855-3010 for a trustworthy mechanic should you need one.) They not only are fostering Frances & Charley for us until this mess is over but they are the ones who got us the generator in the first place. Frances and Charley are two older Dals (we think Mother and Son) who were left behind from hurricane Charley.

And we couldn't do without the kindess of Frank Natoli who helps in every way needed...transporting, dog bathing, dog walking, putting up tents and gathering weight circles for us. It's always like Santa coming over when he comes to visit the Spotted Dog Rescue Ranch!

And of course, we couldn't get word out without our wonderful website creator and updater....Rich. We know the Dals can always count on him to help get the word out on the Dals.

Lastly, a photo of of my two personal Dalmatians wearing a dontated rain jacket to go out during the storm. I show this as Tramp probably won't be around too much longer and I wanted to share this precious boy with you - my other Dal (besides Lady) who are my inspirations for rescuing Dals for 14 years now.

Thank you again very much and know that you are all in our thoughts also.