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"Lucky" in a Whole New Way!

TThree years ago as I was coming out of a store, I zoned in on a man in his truck with his handsome Dalmatian by his side. Always one to talk with fellow Dalmatian owners, I found out his dog's name was Lucky and he took him everywhere he went. He was his true companion and loyal best friend. I gave him my card and told him if he was in the area to come to our Dalmatian Rescue picnic. Because he travels the eastern coast to build marinas (with Lucky as his constant mate) it would be doubtful but he said he would keep in touch.

Two days ago, I received a call from Terrence. He had just lost his beautiful spotted boy at age 15. Having not been without him for hardly a day in all those years, he couldn't stand the thought of not having another traveling companion.

Enter, Jesse, an adorable 1.5 year old Dalmatian/Pointer mix that we pulled from a high kill shelter last October.

Terrence came over, spent some time with Jesse and decided that he would fit just fine as his new beloved four legged friend. Off they now go into the Rhode Island sunset..we expect to hear about some pretty exciting adventures from Jesse in his travels!

A bright sunny day with an old friend, "Lucky".

Jesse at home in Rhode Island ... with an amazing "look-alike" friend.

Even though our little Jesse has gone off to a wonderful new life of luxury,(yes that's him out for a night on the town shooting pool!) he hasn't forgotten his spotted pals that are not as lucky. Today Jess sent some really tasty treats for the crew.

Here's a photo of our "drop box" 10 year old Crystal snacking on the first one out of the box. (she was the poor Dal dropped off outside a shelter in the middle of the night) She may be old, but boy does she love her treats!

Jesse's new Dad also didn't forget those left behind...he sent along a check for $100 which will come in really handy since the dogs washing machine just broke and they need a new one.

Thank you both very much to Jess and Dog Dad Terrence from all of us!