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Three Dalmatians dropped off at Lakeland in Polk County. What happened next is unbelievable!

There's a saying that goes something like "never doubt that a committed group of people can change the world...indeed, it's the only thing that ever will". What happened last week is a true example of this.

Three Dalmatians, all 4 years old, had just been dumped at Lakeland Animal Services - one male and two females. To make matters worse, both females were heartworm positive and would require treatment. Although we try and take in every Dal, due to resources, we simply can't. But the ones we have to say no to will haunt us forever.

Since DRTB constantly struggles with funding and already is paying for heartworm treatments for two recent rescues, I had to say no to taking them in when the call for help came. Their time was up, there was no where else to go. After I hung up the phone, I said a silent prayer for them and cursed the people who so coldly left them knowing that they probably would be just another of the many dogs killed due to lack of homes. My heart just ached for these poor dogs.

Then a TRULY AMAZING THING HAPPENED.....about two minutes after I had hung up the phone, a woman who had had Dals all her life called and wanted to adopt one. When I told her the death sentence had just been given to three of them....she said NOOOOOOO, I'll take them.

We both hung up mid-sentence and I frantically called the shelter back trying every extension I could since I was getting busy signals, to hopefully stop them from euthanizing these dogs in time. I finally ended up with someone from the Sheriff's Department and told her to PLEASE go get someone to let them know the Dals could be saved. It worked....thank God it worked.

Now, thanks to a woman named Tracy Faith and another friend of hers named Martha, all three Dals are still alive. They are taking care of all their medical bills and making sure these innocent animals will have a second chance.

Tracy is keeping one of the females. Her name is Pipi. Since Martha already has a housefull of animals, we need to help find homes for the other male, Sam and the other female, Mini Mouse - hopefully we can find one where they can still be together.

They say they are very well mannered, good with other dogs, cats and even children. Martha is going to take them to her groomers to have them all "purdied up" since their coats were not in the best of shape. If anyone can help find these two homes, we sure would appreciate keeping the miracle alive.

As bad as the news seems these days, this is a reminder that there are still good people in the world that truly do care.