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Two More Spots Make it to Safety!

We are so very grateful to have wonderful volunteers like Pat & Phil who helped us tranport these two little sister Dals. These innocent pups were scheduled to be put down due to nothing other than lack of room last Thursday. They were originally dumped on the streets in Citrus County like so many other helpless animals.

DRTB took out an ad to try and help find them a home but unfortunatly we had no luck. So we asked our friends at the Humane Society of North Pinellas if they had room and once again, they were able to help. We are extremely grateful for them.

Dalsey..the outgoing of the two...was adopted immediately. Charmin..the shy light heartworm positive and will have to wait while she goes through treatment before finding a home. But for these pups who have had a really bad start on life, things are finally looking up.