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Siren & Lucy!


The Dynamic Duo!

Lucy and Siren are quite the pair! They do everything together including swimming in our pond. Both were strays from Citrus County.

Siren is somewhat of a nut....he has the canine version of obsessive/compulsive disorder. No kidding. Without his medication, he wails at the top of his lungs, leaps, twirls and snaps in the air at nothing and will jump right into the middle of a bonfire. After adopting him out three times and having him returned each time, we finally decided he needed to stay on our ranch.

And lucky for him, he has a very sweet girlfriend named Lucy. Poor Lucy was already 8 years old when we got her, toothless from trying to chew at the chain she was kept on, and hairless from being eaten up with fleas. She bonded with Siren immediately and now the two are like an old married couple. Lucy loves her baby dolls, Siren loves his tennis balls. These two have perfected the act of playing "hose". It's so entertaining we show everyone who visits their trick.