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Max ___________________________________________________________________


Tuesday, December 16th., 2003

You remember Max. He was the little 5-year-old Dalmatian suffering from a condition called "Enthropion" in both eyes. His lower eyelids rolled inward so that the hair continually rubbed on the surface of his eyeballs. As a result, severe eye infections developed and the cornea became severely irritated. Eventually, without treatment, Max would have probably become blind.

But it was not to be!

Together, with your help, Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay arranged for the surgery which cost $500.

A donation of $50.00 for Max has been made by Richard Newman in loving memory of Victoria & Meco.

Claudia Rysdon comes through again with her love for the animals. She pitched in $50 to help cover Max's surgery. Thank you Claudia from us and Max.

The healing is almost complete. The surgery was a HUGE success. And for Christmas this year, Max and his Mom get a new home! Please scroll down to read their story.

And it's done! Thanks to Dr. Tom Hong, best veterinarian anywhere for helping Max out! Anyone who has ever had plastic surgery will understand what this is all about!

Max Going Home

Max's Mom, Candy


Carol, Max, & Larry. There's NO PLACE like HOME!


Max is the 5 1/2 year old we pulled from St. Lucie County last month that desperately needed to have surgery on his eyes in order to be able to see again. The part of the story we didn't tell, is that Candy, his 9 year old mother, was also abandoned at the shelter along with Max. Despite her being a beautiful Dalmatian, she was scheduled to be euthanized due to her age.

By some small miracle, two wonderful, caring people -
Carol and Larry,just happened to come upon Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay. We sent photos of both dogs and they agreed immediately to make room in their home and hearts for both of them. They already have a 7 year old male Dal they rescued years ago named Sammy.

Heartfelt thanks to
Carla and Brian Wilson of Orlando who have helped us transport once before and stepped forward again to help drive these two Dals to safety. They went all the way from Orlando, to St. Lucie and then to Tampa to save these two lives. Talk about dedication! Candy went immediately to her new home while Max came back to the sanctuary for his eye surgery. On Saturday, with eyes completely repaired, Max joined Candy and Sammy to romp around 10 acres for the rest of his life. A happy reunion for them and us!