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Shy Boy Mickey:

Poor Mickey was found wandering the streets in Orlando when he was just a young pup around 3 years old. He was lucky to be found by a dog rescue person who took him in rather than by animal control.

What she discovered was that Mickey suffered from seizures. She made numerous visits to her vet with him to find just the right combination of drugs that would keep the seizures under control. These drugs would have to be continued for the rest of his life.

When Mickey was 7, she suffered her own tragedy. Her husband's restaurant business burned to the ground. They could no longer afford the dogs they had rescued. We agreed to take Micky, thinking we might be able to find him a home.

But, it became apparent to us that Mickey had never been socialized and was not comfortable with human touch like most dogs. He is extremely shy and lives for the safety of his crate. And he is a thief...he will steal anything off a kitchen counter that is there for more than one second. Every so often, Mickey decides he wants to "water" the cabinets. We determined that he was not a very adoptable dog.

Mickey does have his redeeming traits. Those are the ones that made us decide to keep him around anyway. Mickey gets along with any other dog and does not have an ounce of aggression. He is happy just to be fed, let out to do his business and come back to sit in his crate and wait for the next meal or milk bone. He is very tolerant when we hug, pet and groom him. He is now 10 years old. Despite all his problems, Mick-Mick is still a very special boy to us and deserving of a full life.