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Please Say a Prayer...

I am having a hard time writing this, but feel it is a message that needs to get out over and over again. We tried to save this perfectly healthy 8 year old spotted boy, but due to a mix-up it was not to be. He was euthanized before his rightful time due to owners who didn't care enough to keep their committment to him. We see this over and over again, especially lately. Older Dals who have been faithful family members, abandoned in their later years. In my opinion, there is just no excuse for this.

The problem is amplified because most people are not willing to take on an older dog. But there are SOOO many advantages to adopting a Dal who is a little older. I'd be more than happy to share them with you.

In memory of this precious boy whose life was snuffed out before his rightful time (and for all the other older ones too), please pass on to anyone willing to listen to first, ADOPT VS. BUYING A DOG, and second, PLEASE CONSIDER ONE A LITTLE OLDER. Whatever time you have with them, you will never regret a second of it.