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Daisy Needs Some Major Help!

Updated May 13th:

Daisy, the pretty Dal gal we pulled from Melbourne, has not has the best of luck so far.

We didn't know that Daisy was pregnant when we had her spayed. Unlike Honey, she was not very far along. A lump was also found and biopsied. The report from the Pathologist came back showing cancer.....but that she could be saved if we can get her operated on and get it all removed. They feel she could live a long, healthly life. Since this poor soul has already endured so much, we can't not try.

We contacted our friends at Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services in Tampa and they are going to help Daisy. They regularly help with charity cases and have been so good to us in the past. A very nice vet, Dr. Sal Galindo, examined her on Saturday. Because Daisy was pregnant, it is hard to distinguish any lumps right now since her mammery glands are still swollen and very hard. He suggested we start her heartworm treatment first and then he will relook at her in six weeks when he will be able to get a better look at what is going on.

Thanks so much to Artist Carol Chretien, Webmaster Rich Newman, DRTB pal Margaret G. and new DRTB friend Audrey D. all the way from Arlington, VA for contributing to Daisy's health fund! You guys are the best.

Original Post: Here we go again.....prepared to take in one and ending up with two! Another gut wrenching saga of having to leave one behind....this one was so sad, Sherry couldn't say no.

We agreed to take in Daisy, whose plight was emailed around on the internet trying to save her. She had been abandoned at a shelter in Melbourne only 4 months after giving birth to pups who were probably sold immediately. Not only did they leave her behind, but also her mate Pirate who is, we found out, totally in love and attached to Daisy. When Daisy was pulled from the cage to go to rescue, Pirate was left alone to be put up for adoption. Problem was, he wouldn't eat or come out of the back for two days after having been separated from Daisy. Another call begging us to please take him also.....of course, we now all know where that story ends.

Daisy is about 6, a beautiful purebred Dal. She needs to be treated for heartworms and spayed before we can adopt her. Pirate is about 4 years old and a Dal mix. Although it's probably wishing for too much, we sure hope that they can go together. They even eat out of the same bowl when two bowls are set down. When they finish one together, they move to the other one. Now how's that for a love story!

Many thanks to Chris C. who just laughed when he heard he was picking up two instead of one....he's been down that road for us many times. And to all of you wonderful DRTB friends who have contributed money to help us get all of these beauties fixed up. Without your continued support, none of this would be happening. Thank you Chris D., Jennifer W., Audrey Dreibelbis (all the way from VA), and Merna F. for funds to help these guys. And Sherry, Nunzio and Marissa for sharing her home & love with these two. DRTB also thanks, Bob Harris, Karen Hamilton and Catherine Honig in Memory of her father Seymour L. Honig, and Carole Brown and James Cox in Memory of her Aunt Edna Foster-Miller of England.