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Deaf Dals Get Love Too!

Updated: July 7, 2005

Just wanted to let everyone know how well I'm doing. See my picture on my new bed. The ride home was great. All the new sights and smells. I'm getting tired again, will write again soon. Love, Dottie

And from her new owners:

She is so perfect. She exhibits so many traits I thought were unique to my boy Dexter. Now I know they are traits of the breed. Interesting when she arrived home, I took her out of the truck and she went right to the front door. This was if to say "OK, we're home now open the door."
She sleeps really well on the oversize bed, and loves to walk. With the heat we will have to start her off in short walks, with them getting longer as she gets used to it. I will send more info in a couple of days.
Shelby & Bill Rudolph