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10/20/1990 Ė 2/21/2005
by Susan Weber

The little light of my life shines no more. On Monday, February 21, as the sun was
coming up my Lady left this world. It has taken me weeks to even be able to share
with you her passing. Her blanket still lies untouched. I canít bring myself to
wash it as her scent is still faintly there and it is all I have left of her.
Somehow, once I put it down on paper, it seems very real that she is truly gone.
But I must write of her because not doing so would be to let the little spot I loved so
dearly pass without tribute.

Lady has definitely left her mark on this world. She led me to a mission in lifeÖthat
resulted in creating Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa BayÖ.one that has led to at times the
most rewarding and the most painful experiences Iíve known. And without Lady I
wouldnít have had the privilege of meeting some of the nicest, caring and dedicated
people ever who share the passion of helping our voiceless friends. Those who keep
me believing in the human spirit after a day of walking through another animal shelter.

Lady and Tramp were the furry loves of my life. I know how glad Tramp is to now have her
with him once again as the two were inseparable. They will now be directing me to
carry on without them. Their legacies will live on in each animalís life that we
can touch in some small way. And that makes the pain a little easier to bear.