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Please Don't Squeeze the ... Carmen

SHARMIN - Testing the Water in her new home and it's just perfect!

After a very rough start to life, Sharmin (now Carmen) has finally found her paradise. Abandoned as a young pup, Sharmin was destined for a very sad ending at a high-kill shelter. DRTB interceeded and took her to a safe haven at a no-kill shelter. Unfortunately, she was adopted but returned - most shelters don't have time or manpower to do the rigerous home/vet checks that DRTB can. This time around, we made sure that Sharmin was placed in a really good place so that she won't end up going through yet more trauma. Her new family and their other adopted four-legged canine, are all in love with her so this one will be a keeper! (Thanks to super foster Mom Sherry & her family once again for doing such a swell job of caring for Sharmin!!!)