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Just Look at me NOW!

We named her Sparkle because we were hoping to soon see the life in her eyes once again. Sadly, it is still not there yet. The 4 year old beauty we just pulled from a shelter, has an extremely bad case of kennel cough. She is probably going to have to be put on a third round of antibiotics before we see any kind of recovery. And we estimate that it will be 4-6 weeks before she is ready for adoption. In the meantime, Ilyse R. gave a donation to buy her a humidifier that is helping her non-stop cough. Every day is touch and go. Her eyes don't light up yet, but she can definitely still wag her tail.

Updated May 24, 2005
The sparkle has definitely returned for a very special little Dal! Now named Sara, short for Serendipity, she has a new home with a Greyhound brother Harry and a Mom & Dad who absolutely adore her. This sweet little dog really had a tough struggle with kennel cough but memories of that have now been replaced with dreams of good food, treats, toys and her brindle brother.
Can anyone say SPOILED???
We love it!