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You Can Move But You Can't Get Away!

Bingo and Robin have now become our very first Orcas Island rescues. These two year old beauties were going to be shot because they killed a chicken. (The owner, who has a history of collecting dogs, is obviously unaware of the fact that dogs are natural predators.) Luckily we got to these two before she was able to breed them - which was her original plan - to make money. They are now both spayed and neutered.

Carolyn, a wonderful Dalmatian loving person stepped in to save them and contacted us along with all the Washington & Oregon rescues. No one was able to help her so we stepped in. The two are now at our "Spotted Ranch" on the island and we will begin the search for a new home. Carolyn is continuing to provide whatever they need until a home can be found.

Bingo is a B&W male and Robin is a liver and white female. Since they are so attached to each other, we are going to try and find them a place together. We'd even be willing to fly them to Florida if someone wants a ready made Dalmatian family. If interested, please contact Susan at