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The Perfect Match!

Sometimes at DRTB, we get to help Dals by playing matchmaker. In Ernie's case, we were able to help a gorgeous abandoned deaf Dalmatian rescued by a nice woman in Gainesville, find his new forever home. We had placed a courtesy post on our Petfinder list to help him get "spotted". He now lives with one of our own DRTB supporters in Jacksonville!

Hi Sherry and Karen -

These aren't the greatest but I am attaching pictures of Ernie. The first picture is of him and his two sisters. As you can see he looks pretty darn happy.

Ernie is our perfect fit. The perfect addition to our family. He has brought us so much joy. We can't thank you enough for finding him for us. He has helped mend our broken hearts over losing our Dal last year and has brought us many smiles. I have to tell you though, whether it's vibrations or what, he responds very well to whistles and calling him by his name. Although one day last weekend early in the morning we went to Home Depo, he slipped out behind me and started across the parking lot. He definitely was deaf Dalmatian at that point.He acted like he couldn't hear squat. He has that special "Dal Smile" and it's the highlight of our day to make him smile for us!!!!

Lots of love to you two very special people!!