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Just Look at these Faces...

Sparky came to us back in April, all the way from Georgia thanks to kind people who were looking out for his welfare. (And thanks to Chris, our wonderful transporter who drove to Gainesville to get him.)

Sparky's story was another one of the many sad ones we see. His owner had developed Alzheimer's and couldn't remember to feed his dogs. Then when it became too overwhelming to even have them in the house, they were ousted to a cage in the backyard. Neighbors saw the dogs getting thinner and thinner and alerted local animal volunteers. The only shelter in the town was a high-kill and Sparky would stand no chance there. We were contacted and agreed to help.

That was then. Today however, things are much different for Sparky!

As seen in the photo, these two guys had something special to celebrate this 4th of July and you can see it in their faces. Albert and Sparky both have a new best friend - each other! Albert's daughter found DRTB in the hopes of getting a new companion for her father who just lost his spotted friend to cancer after 12+ years of being together. Apparently Albert spends almost every waking minute with his furry friend...even reading the paper to him everday. That will be just swell for Sparky who thrives on constant petting, loving and attention. We think the two of them together are the cutest ever couple! Thanks again to Tara and Doug who have taken such good care of Sparky while waiting for his new love.