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So Small She could be a Sideshow Attraction!

Step right up folks! Next to the Gorilla Girl, is possibly the world's smallest Dalmatian!

We thought we had seen the smallest Dal ever a couple of times. Now this little sweet pea definitely takes the prize!

Found as a stray in Citrus County, this approximately one year old female is so small, her little head doesn't even come up to my knee. When she needs to go out, I just pick her up and carry her.

Right now she is in pretty bad shape. Bad ear infection, irritated skin in places due to flea infestation and laying on the wet shelter cement floors and of course, heartworm positive. But once we get her all tuned up and pretty again she'll be a perfect pocket pet.

For someone who has always wanted a Dalmatian but thought they were too big, think again!

Updated September 25th, 2005

Peanut, the littlest Dal we have come across yet, went all the way home to Deltona with her new Mom on Saturday! Phyllis has been a long-time Dal lover - Peanut will be her fourth.

Peanut will have run of the house, a big back yard to play in and a brand new fluffy dog bed. (But we bet she'll be sleeping on Mom's bed!) Phyllis and Peanut expect to have many happy years together.