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Happy Mother's Day, Honey!

Updated May 11th, 2007:

Earlier this week, the beautiful little pregnant Dal we pulled from Polk County Animal Services gave birth to eight puppies.....six girls and two boys. She lost two during the birthing process which took a real toll on her. It lasted well over ten hours. As you can see, the pups are all black with white markings...we think she must have met up with a black lab! Reports from our wonderful friends at Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor who are caring for Mama and pups, tell us that Honey is a wonderful mother to her puppies. She cleaned them all and started feeding them immediately. She did accidentially bite one on the head trying to help it out...the pup was stitched up and is now doing well.

Thanks to their being in a loving foster home, Mama will be able to stay with her babies until they are old enough to be weaned off. Then they will all go up for adoption and hopefully into loving new homes. Including Mama Honey....but she will have to undergo heartworm treatment first. All the pups will be started on heartworm prevention at 6 weeks to prevent any passing from their Mom. Despite heartworms, fleas, and being thrown from shelter to shelter, this Mama is a wonderful example of what Mothers should be. Big hugs to Suncoast Animal League again for taking care of Honey and babes.

Original Post, April 28th:

Every dog that is needlessly killed in a shelter makes us cry. It is especially bothering when you have looked into the face of just one. And this ONE haunted us to no end. When searching for Dals that needed our help, we came across this beautiful girl who had been dumped at one shelter, then transferred to another shelter where she sat just waiting to be killed when her time was up.

But the worst of all is that she was pregnant and almost ready to give birth to her pups. It's such a horrible waste of life for all of them and we just couldn't stand to let it happen. Our foster homes are completely full with other heartworm positive Dals and we are not really equipped to handle the care needed for puppies. So what to do? Thanks to Sherry for making call after call for help. Thankfully, our steadfast friends at Suncoast Animal League with the help of our Auntie Denise, came through to our SOS. And Uncle Frank once again raced to the rescue to pack her up and bring her to safety.

Mama Dal, probably will be named Honey, will most likely give birth this weekend. We will keep everyone posted.......... stay tuned as we are all wishing her well.