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Howie Hopes for a New Home...but it is Not to Be.

This handsome spotted boy is the latest victim of our every increasing throw-away society. Thought to be about 3 or 4 years of age, he was lucky to be found by a caring family in Tampa who just couldn't turn him away. Unable to keep him because of their own family pets, they contacted DRTB. What was to be the foster home for the liver girl, became the emergency temporary place for "Howie". (luckily we were able to save both)

Howie has already developed a little fan club since he is such a lover boy. We thank Peggy, Janet and Jennifer for their donations to help him as he is going to have a long road to recovery. As with almost all of the Dals we take in, Howie has a very advanced case of heartworms. So advanced (already coughing) that he has not been able to even start treatment. He has been given all vaccines and an anti-biotic shot to try and boost up his immune system. Next step will be an x-ray of his heart to see just how damaged it already is before we proceed. We'll keep everyone, including his personal fan club, posted on his progress. We can only hope for the best.

Thanks to Phil & Jeff for picking Howie up and to Natalya & Paul for providing a loving foster home.

Updated July 24th, 2005

An Open Letter to Howie's Owners from Susan Weber:

Howie, your beautiful 4 year old Dalmatian, died last night. (7/23/05) He died in an emergency room after his heart gave out and he collasped. He died because you failed to care for him. He died a painful death due to heartworms that could have been so easily prevented if you had only given him a simple pill once a month.

But rest assured, others that did care for him, took up after your neglectfulness. This beautiful Dalmatian was loved by all that he touched. By the woman that found him. By her family and friends who donated money to help care for him. By Phil and Jeff, our volunteers who didn't hesitate to pick him up and bring him to safety. By Natalya and Paul, foster dog parents who cried last night as they watched him go after caring for him lovingly for the past two weeks.

Howie did not leave this world uncared for anymore. He is not suffering anymore due to your broken promises. We just wish we could have been there sooner for him. Rest in Peace sweet boy.