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A New Name, Gracie, and a NEW HOME!

Every time we think we've seen the smallest Dal gal, another comes along. This tiny (25 lbs. full grown) Dal mix, somehow ended up on the streets of Lakeland only to be later impounded at Animal Control. Luckily we snatched her out on her last day. Thanks to Chris C. for being her rescuer and donating her get-out-of-jail fee and to Foster Dad Lee S. for taking care of her until we found her a permanent spot.

A letter from her new Mom, Linda:

She ran into the screen and tore a hole in it, she jumped on a chair and overturned it, she peed on the carpet, and she is terrorizing Daisy. And she walks great on a leash (HA HA). She has the cutest face and we've been laughing all day.

Gracie will need some work, but she is right at home here.